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Why Use Deep Flow Realty?

Real estate brokers have many things to do to make (and keep) their clients happy. Deep Flow Realty helps them meet their goals by:

  • Sparing agents and commercial assistants the trouble of typing ads,
  • Optimizing the costs associated with ad publication,
  • Speeding up the business of real estate professionals.

With ad drafting out of the way and more time on their hands, real estate agents can focus on their core business – customer relations, consulting and the sale of real estate properties.

To make sure you don’t miss any business opportunities, Deep Flow Realty also drafts texts tailored to your favorite social media. This new service makes it easier for you to publish ads on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube and increases your social media reach.

In addition, Deep Flow Realty integrates geographical points of interest directly into the texts to enhance your real estate ads and put them in context.

How Does Deep Flow Realty Work?

Deep Flow Realty plugs into your usual software to create real estate ads from the property data you entered (number of bedrooms, city, price, etc.).

The more details you input about the properties in your care, the more comprehensive, specific and relevant the texts will be.

You can then publish your real estate ads on various media, including real estate portals and social networks.

For each property on sale, you can generate several different texts to bring variety to your ads across the web and improve their odds of being seen.

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